Our Photo Engraving Technique

Equipped with powerful engraving machines, OZENGRAVING uses the very precise "dot by dot" photo engraving techniques. Here’s how we engrave your best memories forever.

1. Our technicians scan your photo with a high definition scanner or download it from the internet.

2. Your photo is then digitally enhanced to give you the best possible result.

3. The "eye of the engraver"
Our technicians then work your photo, cutting the background, cropping it so it fits perfectly on the item you have chosen, play with contrasts, luminosity and many other variables, in order to reach the best engraved render possible. It usually takes a good twenty minutes before your photo is ready to be engraved. Here, we like to call it the "eye of the engraver"; we know by experience that a technician will need about one thousand photo etching before he catches this famous "eye"…

4. The "engraving touch"
After a decade of experience, we know the precise depth your engraving needs to be in correlation with the type of metal surface we are working on. The "engraving touch" of our technician will guarantee you the best result possible and most important of all, our engravings will not fade away. This is why we guarantee our work for life on precious metals like solid gold !!

5. Your prepared photo will now be transformed by our special art engraving software, using a high definition grey scale, and interpreting white by a deep point, grey by a softer one and black by no point at all.

6. Your product now will be photo engraved by our diamond headed engraving machine.
These professional machines work with a 0.15 mm definition, which means they engrave 6.67 points (dots) per millimeters. In other words, it will take more than 8000 points on a medium size pendant, to engrave your dearest photo. This is why we achieve such precise photo engraving.

7. After being checked by our Quality Control team, your product will be packed with care, ready to go with the 16h00 daily pick-up from DHL International.

OZENGRAVING, would like to stress the fact that we are professional engravers, working with industrial engraving machines.

Please be aware of the difference between our work and the "so-called engravings" delivered by "pseudo-engravers", playing around with cheap impact printers.

Go for the real stuff!

Thank you
Stéphane Varennes